Free coaching sessions in Bridgwater

I had an opportunity to reshuffle my plans for Monday. I saw the chance to offer 6 free coaching sessions to fellow small business owners. They’re available to book now.

It’s one of the benefits of running my own business. New ideas don’t have to go through mountains of approval processes. If it feels good, it just needs me to say ‘yes’. There’s then the small point of the time needed to put it all into action. However, if it’s fun stuff and aimed at supporting small business owners, it doesn’t seem too much of a problem!

Anyway, with my marketing strategy course now starting in November, I found myself with my beautiful room at Purple Square HQ in Bridgwater available on Monday 9th October. After a moment, I thought ‘free pop up clinic’. It’s been an idea on my backburner for some time. I put a timetable of 6 coaching sessions together, hopped onto Doodle, and had an appointment diary for the day up and running in no time. It’s not pretty, but it’s functional. It’s also a quick win for both me with my ambitions to support fellow small business owners in achieving their goals, and for those small business owners who’d like to benefit from some free coaching.

You could use the session to help you to gain some clarity or focus around something you’re working on or being challenged by at the moment, or as a chance to sample a coaching session and find out how coaching could benefit you and your business.


As food for thought, many use coaching to provide them with a sounding board or to have someone to whom they’re accountable. Others find coaching unlocks confidence in them to do something new or differently. Some find it helps them be more effective and productive, enabling them to drive their business forwards.

How to book your free coaching session

Claim your free coaching session from The Business Greenhouse by entering your name in the Doodle box, then email me at to confirm your name and business name.


If you can’t make the session in person, we can Skype. Let me know by email that you’d prefer the coaching session delivered via Skype so I make sure I’m logged on. I can be found on Skype at @thebusinessgreenhouse. My email address is

Do you run a small business that you’re keen to drive forwards? Feel you’re being left behind as others around you take advantage of the energy and momentum that’s in the area? My Thrive group based in Bridgwater is designed to support you. Take a look.

Thrive registration open

After a jam-packed-with-ideas-activity-and-thought introductory session last Monday, our new business development programme, Thrive, is officially up and running in Bridgwater*! The programme starts on Monday 16th October and is initially for 3 hours once a month for three months. There are three spaces left in an intentionally small group (three spaces have been reserved already). The view is that fewer numbers will mean more focus and support can be given to each participant.

[button link=”” color=”orange”] Info and Thrive registration are available here.[/button]


Image of a bird saying 'Thrive with the Business Greenhouse' and a link to the Thrive registration and information page


Who joined us at the Thrive introductory session?

Participants at the intro session spanned different sectors and are all at different stages in their business. One had recently launched their business, another was running a turnover of over £1.5m. They ranged from a sole Owner/Manager, to a Director employing a team, to one representing a triad of Directors. They explored their hopes, fears and aspirations for the group and would very much like to see some more like-minds join them to enhance the creative, innovative and collaborative potential that being a part of this group offers. If you’re a small business owner, Director, or leader and a new, dynamic, way of obtaining support for not only the development of your business but for you as well, really appeals, take a look at Thrive.


More info and register for Thrive

Thrive registration is open now. Let me know if you need any other info or have any questions before you sign up. My number is 07546 409 664, email me at, or message me through The Business Greenhouse’s Facebook page.

All the best,

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*If Bridgwater isn’t an easy location for you to get to, and you want to benefit from the Thrive programme, let me know.

Why is thinking time important?

Thinking time is essential. Some seriously successful people in the business world say they wouldn’t be where they are without it. Yet in talking to other business owners, ‘taking time to think’ is something we rarely do. Something else is always far more vital to our business.

Photo of a man looking into the distance while he thinks

In just the last week, I can count three conversations where a fellow business owner’s response has been ‘I’m just too busy’. When I thought about it, they aren’t unusual. This has been a common approach amongst many people I have spoken to, and corresponded with, over the years. I can put my hand up and say I’m guilty of this too.

This prompted me to do some more thinking about thinking. Is thinking time really that important? I could only conclude thinking time is essential. Yes, we’re busier than ever, but I’d really like to persuade you that, from now on, perhaps the response should really be ‘how do I make that thinking time happen?’.


Top CEO’s value time to think

Consider Warren Buffett, head of the fourth largest public company in the world. You would expect him to be ‘too busy’. However, he famously values thinking time. His reason? To enable him to make the best decisions.

I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think…I do more reading and thinking, and make less impulse decisions, than most people in business. – Warren Buffet, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, allegedly schedules two hours of uninterrupted thinking time every day. Read or listen to what Weiner says about the importance of carving out time. Does it resonate with you?

Oftentimes, people get caught up in the day to day flow, and if challenges are coming at them fast and furious, there’s going to be a natural tendency to solve one problem after another, and it’s important to take some time. ‘Time’ is the key part…Part of the key to time management is carving out time to think as opposed to constantly reacting. And during that thinking time you’re not only thinking strategically, thinking proactively, thinking longer term, but you’re literally thinking about what is urgent versus what is important, and trying to strike that right balance. – Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn

There are others, too. Bill Gates purportedly takes two weeks out every year to think. AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong, encourages his staff to make 10% of their time ‘thinking time’. That’s 4 hours out of their working week.

This [thinking time] has been a total game changer for me and for AOL. The companies that take this seriously will have a major strategic advantage in the years to come. – Tim Armstrong, CEO, AOL


Is thinking time important enough for you?

Weiner’s conclusions particularly mirror so many of the conversations I have with fellow business owners. The day to day running of your business throws one thing after another at you. You deal with things as they come in, reacting and firefighting. It’s genuinely difficult to see that you can find any more time amongst this day to day routine at all. So how do you develop your business? How do you make sense of the ideas and ambitions you have in your head? How do you work out how to solve the challenges and issues you face, many of which may have already been there long term? Is your answer that you ‘need thinking time’? If yes (or something near enough such as you ‘need time to plan’), then thinking time is critical to the success of you and your business.


The next steps

Are you persuaded to build in some, or more, thinking time? The important thing now is that you just do it. If you don’t make time for it, you won’t do it. As Weiner points out, if you’re busy, or you have a humungous ‘to do’ list, there’s an even greater reason to factor in thinking time. Do it now! Block out some time in your diary and stick to it.


In the process of thinking about thinking time, I”ve scribbled some thoughts down about how to find productive thinking time. My aim is to write this up and share with you. If you have any tips on finding productive thinking time and how it’s worked for your business, send them to me. I’ll add them to the piece, crediting and linking to you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Chard group’s vital strategy for new business centre

Imagine this. In three days’ time, you will deliver a marketing strategy that benefits not only your small business, but your local town too. You’ll play an integral role in the project and the ripple effect in your community could be felt for years to come.

Let me add that at this point you’ve probably never heard of the project you’re going to be working on, or the other local small businesses you’ll team up with, before. You’ll work with strangers, not knowing what expertise and skills they bring. Despite this, you will sign off on a project that will have a big impact.

Sound too far-fetched? Maybe you feel your marketing knowledge and skills aren’t quite up to scratch? Perhaps you haven’t enough time to work on such a project?

However, this is exactly what five people representing four small businesses local to Chard in Somerset did. Over three days of workshops, Lynda at The Business Greenhouse mixed marketing training and coaching, enabling the five business owners to learn new marketing skills, exchange expertise and knowledge, and to devise a marketing strategy for the launch of Chard’s new business centre. The marketing understanding and skills they developed were instantly actionable in their own small businesses.

Photo of the Chard business owners who devised the new marketing strategy for the new business centre

The programme we devised was supported and funded by South Somerset District Council.


What did South Somerset District Council think?

After a successful tendering process Lynda worked with us to develop our marketing strategy which was great and very competently done. But there was much more to it! We recruited four local business to work with us in exchange for marketing training. Lynda devised and led the whole process working with the businesses to inform and develop the Hub’s marketing strategy, creating an exciting and we think unique business led offer. At the same time she helped the four businesses to develop their own individual marketing. I’ve run my own businesses in the past and if I do it again I’ll be using Lynda.” – Dylan Martlew, Neighbourhood Officer (West), South Somerset District Council

Want to know more? Read on….

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Join Thrive in Bridgwater!

Let me introduce you to ‘Thrive’, a new business development group from The Business Greenhouse.  The concept has been developed in response to feedback gathered from small business owners. Thrive’s aim is to deliver the type of support they would really value, yet isn’t easily available for this size of business.

After much cultivation, I’m utterly delighted that it’s time to launch the first ‘Thrive’ group. As the town in which The Business Greenhouse is based, I’ve chosen Bridgwater, Somerset, in which to open the inaugural group.

Intrigued? Read on for more information…

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