Hammet Street Consultants used coaching from The Business Greenhouse to smash their target of increasing their revenue by 20%.

Vanessa Davies of Hammet Street Consultants came to us determined and ambitious for her business. We quickly realised that working in a coaching relationship would pay her the greatest dividend. Vanessa grabbed the bull by the horns. She used the confidence and insight into her business gained from our coaching sessions to take on new ways of working and challenges that saw her increase the resilience and sustainability of her business.

We’ll let Vanessa tell you more about what she achieved in her own words:

“The objectives of the [former] GrowthAccelerator service is to help businesses to achieve controlled, accelerated growth through the provision of, amongst other things, tailored coaching programmes. The coach I chose for my business, Hammet Street Consultants Ltd, was Lynda Wookey from The Business Greenhouse.

Hammet Street Consultants

“Lynda and I began sessions at a time when my business was needing to expand. Although HSC Ltd was successful in terms of the amount of work being carried out and the range of our contracts serviced, I was interested in taking the business ‘to the next level’. My aim on paper was to increase the business income by 20%. Until now the business has grown mostly through organic growth rather than actively building it.

“I found Lynda’s way of communicating and manner very easy to work with. The exploration of my business values, branding, costings, my strengths and weaknesses was particularly useful but also the way she dealt with me sensitively whilst at the same time being gently pushed and challenged, via agreed goals between sessions into achieving. The Business Model Canvas was exceptionally instrumental in my planning of the continued and future success of my business – I still use it today. The work together enabled me to develop my business from me taking responsibility for most things – administration, meetings, supervision, and training – to distributing work to my team allowing the business to grow.

“The level of monitoring and the tracking of progress was good and enabled me to continue this way of working even after the sessions ended. To be more aware of how I am as a businesswoman, how I make the relationships with my customers, and how I managed to make HSC Ltd successful was something I had not explored before.

“On a final note, I achieved my aim of increasing my business income by 20% – in fact it has increased by over 50% in the last year. However, it is the skills and learning from the sessions that I value the most as they will be with me for the many years ahead.”

Are you determined and ambitious enough to take on coaching from The Business Greenhouse?

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