From November 2012 until October 2014, The Business Greenhouse delivered marketing and business development focused workshops to South Gloucestershire business owners. Our contribution delivered against part of South Gloucestershire Council‘s business support strategy.

We targeted existing businesses, and welcomed ambitious fledgling business owners. The aim was to deliver interactive and energetic sessions that not only imparted key knowledge and principles, but to give people time to work on their business while they were with us.

The latest workshop was called ‘Essential business marketing’. It focused on unpicking real-life business marketing to discover key marketing tools and techniques and what they could really achieve for the businesses in attendance. Our South Gloucestershire business owners delved into Twitter and Facebook campaigns, looking how the right messages in the right place at the right time really helped businesses gain exposure to their target audience.


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We looked at how social media could be used to facilitate the building of communities of loyal customers. We discovered why businesses choose particular marketing campaign themes, the hooks they use, and what gets their customers talking about them and buying their products and services. We explored the competitive world of business and thoughtful and planned marketing can take advantage of the opportunities presented by the current economic climate, events or moves that your competitors themselves make. We worked out what a website needs to do in order to engage its visitors and generate enquiries.



Significantly, the workshop helped convey the understanding that a business’ target clients or customers are the driver to successful marketing.  Understanding them is key to making decisions about what marketing activity and which marketing tools and platforms to use. Participants found it’s fruitful to show through your marketing messages how your services or your products help your clients address the challenges they face, provide essential items that your customer need and want, or give them the joy they seek.  Knowing where your clients and customers ‘hang out’ (both virtually and physically) means you can actually get your marketing messages in front of them, whether it’s on Twitter or SnapChat, waiting for the bus, or grabbing a bite to eat.

More importantly, we got the participants to hone in on their businesses and generate ideas and plans for what of this knowledge they could utilise. Our South Gloucestershire business owners not only came away with a better grasp of what Twitter could do for them, or whether it’s worth being on Facebook, but also knew more about how to spot profitable opportunities to promote their businesses.

The feedback from the participants included:

‘Very beneficial session – have come away with my mind buzzing with ideas’ – Sarah P

‘I came away thinking about how to meet my clients needs and the diversity of available marketing channels’ – Emma F

‘A really thought provoking and engaging marketing seminar’ – Mohammed A


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