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Did you see that we have a bone fide social media certification here at The Business Greenhouse? Hootsuite Certified Professional status is an industry-recognised social marketing certification and our Director, Lynda, has proven herself more than au fait with the essential elements of social marketing.

As a reward for her certification, Hootsuite has given Lynda a permanent online certificate to showcase her digital expertise and a listing in the Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory, or ‘Social Media Consultant Directory’ as it’s also known.


Lynda Wookey's social media consultant listing


Lynda has been putting her social media knowledge and practice to good use since she founded The Business Greenhouse is 2011. ‘I’m rather chuffed to have the bit of virtual paper, though, that proves I can do it!’, said Lynda. ‘It’ll probably be reassurance to those who are thinking about asking The Business Greenhouse to help them out with their marketing, that we’ve got the right balance of business insight and marketing nous to bring their ideas and plans to fruition.”

“Social media is part of the choice of marketing channels that are available to small businesses. There are lots of ways to think about using it to best effect in your business, not least which platform or platforms you should use! We help our clients decide how to incorporate social media into their marketing activity, and how to carve out some time for it. Most of all, it becomes important how to make sure what you’re doing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other channels actually gives you a return on the time, effort and money you give it. We can train our clients in social media, and support them in making it work for their business.”


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