Our marketing work with Bradley Stoke Physio & Health has revealed them as a gem in a competitive market.


Photo of Louise, Kath and Ali of Bradley Stoke Physio & Health


Freeing Directors to run their business

Louise and Kath, Clinic Directors at Bradley Stoke Physio (as it was then), called The Business Greenhouse in to provide them with regular strategic marketing input and support in implementing their marketing activity.

Bradley Stoke Physio became Bradley Stoke Physio & Health

The Business Greenhouse’s role is to facilitate the implementation of the marketing strategy developed. This is reviewed monthly with Bradley Stoke Physio & Health. We organise the delivery of the marketing work freeing time for the Directors of Bradley Stoke Physio & Health to run their business and see their patients.


As such we write the content for their website, leaflets, adverts and other marketing material, got them up and running on social media and support their use of Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We design and write the content for their e-newsletters, and help with managing their lists and groups to help them engage with their target audience. Inputs of a graphic designer and web developer, liaise with local publications, source and organise any printing are co-ordinated. Plus our eyes are always peeled for opportunities to further develop their business. Significantly, TGB Director Lynda is always at the end of the phone or email outside of our regular meetings to help with exploring marketing and business ideas and putting plans into action to make them happen.


The old Bradley Stoke Physio website

The old Bradley Stoke Physio website


Bradley Stoke Physio & Health new website launched 2015

Louise & Kath attract lots of positive feedback about the new Bradley Stoke Physio & Health website


No one knew how good they were

At the beginning of our work together Bradley Stoke Physio & Health’s wealth of expertise and patient care lay behind the door of their clinic. Louise, Kath and their team were full of vitality and warmth. The feedback they received from their patients clearly demonstrated their ability to make people feel better. The therapies they offered included more than physiotherapy. It was just that no one knew how good they were!


Outside Bradley Stoke Physio before their new graphics

The previous undercover version of Bradley Stoke Physio


Image showing new graphics on outside wall of Bradley Stoke Physio clinic

Now potential patients can tell what they do!


There were added pressures, too, in that the market had tightened, and competition for patients increased. Louise and Kath also wanted to increase their visibility and connect with their target audience.


The transition of Bradley Stoke Physio & Health

The clinic has, in the time they’ve worked with The Business Greenhouse, evolved considerably. Some of their achievements include:

  • They are now ‘Bradley Stoke Physio & Health’ to better reflect their offer of a range of therapies and treatments
  • They have a ‘mission’, which focuses their clinic’s direction. It also makes it easier to make decisions about how to develop the business
  • They have clearly identified (and communicate) why existing and prospective patients should come to Bradley Stoke Physio & Health for treatment. They use this understanding to promote and engage people in their services


Bradley Stoke Physio & Health Sports Injury & Performance leaflet

Their newly defined Sports Injury & Performance service


  • Their marketing communications use language that connects with, and is relevant to the goals of, their target audience – important when their therapies involve a lot of medical terminology
  • Their website now fully outlines the therapies available, the courses they run, and the conditions they treat
  • They make it easier for patients to book appointments, having removed previous barriers found
  • They’re developing a blog and are confidently looking at ways in which they can share their expertise with their website visitors and newsletter subscribers
  • They publish a regular newsletter to help new and existing patients get to know the staff and the clinic better and to further strengthen the interest in how the clinic can help people feel better
  • The physical location of their clinic is much more visible and appealing. It also more clearly displays what patients can achieve if they are treated there
  • A stronger brand and cohesive approach to their design and way they communicate their marketing messages. This ensures that staff and the clinic are much more visible around their target Bradley Stoke community and amongst their existing and prospective client base too
  • Their marketing efforts are planned, targeted and are co-ordinated. They integrate an effective mix of social media, local publications, attendance at events, leaflets, posters, email, and even good old-fashioned a-boards to raise awareness and signpost people to the clinic


Our continued role

The role of The Business Greenhouse is full and varied. We continue to support the development of their marketing strategy, implement the delivery of their plans, co-ordinate work delivered by other suppliers, and identify business development opportunities.


Louise says, ‘Lynda at the Business Greenhouse has helped Bradley Stoke Physio & Health to develop a well formed strategy to help the clinic achieve its goals.  She has spent the time and energy getting to know us and our market place and now has a good understanding of our business ethics and culture which in turn has helped strengthen our message to our clients.’


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