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Celebrating success in your business is crucially important

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This is a photo of the glass of bubbly that I had when I submitted my books to my accountant this week. I was celebrating success.

Photo of a glass of sparkling wine celebrating success


My Corporation Tax deadline is looming and I will outwardly admit that getting the business financial records together has to be one of my least favourite jobs. Consequently, I chose to tidy the house, weed the garden, and bake cakes, rather than knuckle down and get this done sooner. (Looking at it, did I actually make myself busier while distracting myself from the inevitable?) Sorry, Paul (my long-suffering accountant), if you read this, but I guess you knew this about me already!

Anyway, after hours of beavering away, they’re in. I pressed ‘send’ on the email, and didn’t give it another thought. That is until my other half said ‘Congratulations!’ after finding out I’d managed to submit the figures. For a split second I paused, but moved quickly on to the job of getting tea ready for the tribe. I thought nothing of it as there was, as always, a seemingly never-ending pile of other things on my desk waiting to be done. I was already thinking about the next major thing on my list – completing the business analysis I’m carrying out for a client.

Later that evening I was handed a glass of beautifully chilled sparkling wine. ‘You should celebrate,’ I was told. ‘Why?’ I asked, again thinking that this ‘achievement’ was a drop in the ocean compared to the number of items on my ‘to do’ list. ‘Because you got the accounts in. You’ve had it to do for ages, and now it’s done.’

The job was done. I hadn’t granted myself any credit.

Celebrating success needs only a breath

See this from this perspective, too. I place great importance on my clients a. Recognising their achievements; b. Celebrating their successes (small, significant and everything in between). I do genuinely believe this is important. Yet I had failed to stick to my own conviction. Stopping to think about what you have accomplished helps…no, is crucial…to:

  1. Understand how far you have come
  2. Feed the energy and enthusiasm you have for your business and where you’re going with it
  3. Remind yourself what you are doing and why

I say to my clients, even if you don’t feel the success warrants a party, allow yourself a moment to appreciate what this means to you. In the fast paced world we live in, we rarely give ourselves that time to even take a breath and absorb what we have managed to do.

I’ve certainly resolved to take the time to celebrate my achievements from now on. The feeling when I raised that glass in recognition of getting my accounts in, was really quite marvellous. It might even spur me on to get them done sooner next time!

What successes are you celebrating in your business this week? Do drop me a line and let me know at or pop a message on The Business Greenhouse’s Facebook page.


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