I had an opportunity to reshuffle my plans for Monday. I saw the chance to offer 6 free coaching sessions to fellow small business owners. They’re available to book now.

It’s one of the benefits of running my own business. New ideas don’t have to go through mountains of approval processes. If it feels good, it just needs me to say ‘yes’. There’s then the small point of the time needed to put it all into action. However, if it’s fun stuff and aimed at supporting small business owners, it doesn’t seem too much of a problem!

Anyway, with my marketing strategy course now starting in November, I found myself with my beautiful room at Purple Square HQ in Bridgwater available on Monday 9th October. After a moment, I thought ‘free pop up clinic’. It’s been an idea on my backburner for some time. I put a timetable of 6 coaching sessions together, hopped onto Doodle, and had an appointment diary for the day up and running in no time. It’s not pretty, but it’s functional. It’s also a quick win for both me with my ambitions to support fellow small business owners in achieving their goals, and for those small business owners who’d like to benefit from some free coaching.

You could use the session to help you to gain some clarity or focus around something you’re working on or being challenged by at the moment, or as a chance to sample a coaching session and find out how coaching could benefit you and your business.


As food for thought, many use coaching to provide them with a sounding board or to have someone to whom they’re accountable. Others find coaching unlocks confidence in them to do something new or differently. Some find it helps them be more effective and productive, enabling them to drive their business forwards.

How to book your free coaching session

Claim your free coaching session from The Business Greenhouse by entering your name in the Doodle box, then email me at lynda@thebusinessgreenhouse.co.uk to confirm your name and business name.


If you can’t make the session in person, we can Skype. Let me know by email that you’d prefer the coaching session delivered via Skype so I make sure I’m logged on. I can be found on Skype at @thebusinessgreenhouse. My email address is lynda@thebusinessgreenhouse.co.uk

Do you run a small business that you’re keen to drive forwards? Feel you’re being left behind as others around you take advantage of the energy and momentum that’s in the area? My Thrive group based in Bridgwater is designed to support you. Take a look.

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