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Do small business owners have time to enjoy their time off?

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As someone developing my new small business in my spare time, my radar is zoning in on the realities of running your own business.

I’m lucky enough to have just returned home after a great bank holiday weekend away with my lovely family. However, on holiday I came across small business owners cutting their own free time short for the sake of their business: a commercial tyres specialist packed his things and went home, bringing his family with him, because some new jobs had come in; a cycle hire person extended their opening hours to help boost business; a roofer left his family to their own devices while he finished some jobs and caught up on the paperwork.

For them, a bank holiday was not a chance to relax, but a chance to catch up and bring in new business that is vital for their success.

It took me to thinking that in my current salaried job, unless there is an emergency, I’m lucky that this doesn’t apply to me. Yes I worked my socks off to finalise what felt like a million things before I went away. And admittedly I have checked up on my email this evening to make sure there is nothing that needs my immediate attention. However, everything else will have to wait until I get back to work tomorrow.

It is clear that all small business owners may not have that luxury. Discussion with them on the topic suggests that they accept this as a way of life. Whether they are happy about this is a different matter. It does not only affect them – their loved ones are obviously missing out on valuable ‘family time’.

The stresses and strains mean there is no ‘time out’ and little time to recharge in order to bring new vigour to their business.

This is one scenario where my new business can help. ‘The Business Greenhouse’ is designed to bring time and energy to small businesses to help them realise their ambitions. This is not a consultancy. We will get the work done for you.

I am currently waiting to hear if The Business Greenhouse makes the finalist’s shortlist in the Barclays ‘Take One Small Step’ competition. Winning would firmly establish our services in the marketplace and mean more small businesses could benefit. See my entry at: If you like what I am proposing, I would be grateful if you could add a comment on my entry page.

Meanwhile, I’m off to spend my couple hours of free time this evening developing The Business Greenhouse….

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