The final day of our firework inspired series, and one final area that you can work on in order to help your business rocket onwards and upwards.  Enjoy your achievements and celebrate your successes.  But how can such frivolity boost your business?
As a hard-working, busy, business owner it’s really easy to let the moments such as ticking something of your ‘to do’ list right through to winning a big client or order just ‘be’.  You’ve got so much else to get done that these highlights in your day or week hardly register.However, here at The Business Greenhouse we would argue that all achievements in life and business are worth at least a moment of celebration.Celebrating your success is:

  • proof that reaching your goals is do-able
  • recognition that progress is being made and your business is developing and moving forward
  • good for the morale of you and your workforce

It becomes much easier to set new ambitions and drive your business forward because you have given yourself the confidence that you have what it takes.  Your customers will notice the renewed energy this generates for your business too and will enjoy engaging with you more because of it., and you will enjoy knowing that the work you put in is definitely having an effect.

Amidst the everyday pressures of running a business it can be much easier to note what you did not do, or what fell by the wayside, but this can sap your drive and momentum.  So the next time you do achieve something, make the effort to stop and think about what your success means to you and your business will benefit.

What can you do to celebrate?  Try these:

  • smile
  • tell your friends and family
  • talk to your business contacts or colleagues about how your day was
  • cheer!
  • take a deep breath before you tackle the next task
  • run and skip
  • tweet, post on Facebook, comment on LinkedIn (if you employ 0-10 people, add a discussion to the MicroBusiness Monday LinkedIn group that was set up to help owners of microbusinesses celebrate their successes)
  • take a break
  • write about it on your blog or in your newsletter
  • write about it for somebody else’s publication
  • party!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our firework inspired series this week.  Please post any comments or thoughts below or contact us here at The Business Greenhouse if there’s anything we can do to support your business.  We’d love to hear from you.

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