Public fireworks displays can certainly draw the crowds, but how do you attract people to your business?
Take the fireworks display organiser.  How did they get all those people to pay them?Let’s look at this way: if you went to a fireworks display, why did you go?Firstly, it’s likely that you saw some information about the event, either a poster, an invitation or a bit in the local paper for example.  Or you could have heard about it from someone else who’d seen the details.  So the event organiser placed the details about the display where he or she knew their potential audience would see it or asked people to spread the word.If your business does not have such a mass market appeal, it’s still possible to place details about your business in places where your audience will see them.  Look at your current customer base and identify who they are, what they like doing, where they hang out, how they are likely to get information about things in which they’re interested and so on.

You can then use this information to decide how to communicate with, and where information about your company needs to be placed in order to reach, your target audience.

Secondly, you probably bought the fireworks tickets because there was something in it for you – a fantastic colourful evening’s entertainment, just when you’ve been thinking what to do on firework’s night!  Consider this when you’re wanting to attract people’s interest in your business and what you sell – tell them in your chosen communications how they would benefit from buying from you.  Think: what’s in it for them or ‘what solutions can you provide for the challenges they face’?

Finally, it’s likely that you were prompted to buy your fireworks tickets by a ‘call to action’.  The poster in the shop window might have said ‘buy your tickets here’, or a leaflet might have said ‘call now for tickets’, for example.  The call to action was the organiser’s way of guiding you through to the final step in the communications process – buying the tickets.

The call to action you use in your business communications should reflect what you want your customers to do next.  You might want them to get them to click on a link to your website, call to make a booking, buy a limited offer, download a report, trial your service or product, or something else.  Whatever it is make it clear what the next step is and you’ll encourage more people to act.

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