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The more the merrier – the best way to win more business?

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The noise from the fireworks is still reverberating around the neighbourhood, and now it’s time to make sure that news about what your business can do does the same.  It’s Day 3 of our business fireworks series, and we’re talking about one of the best ways to win you more business…
Many business owners say that word of mouth is their best form of advertising.  And it’s true.  Faced with a decision about which of two similar rockets to buy, would you go for the one that will apparently do what it says on the tin, or will you choose the one that a friend or colleague has recommended because they’ve seen it whizz, bang and zoom first hand?  Odds are, you’d go for the tried and tested option; their description and experience will have helped to win your confidence and trust that this rocket will do what you need it to.It’s well known that consumers and clients need to develop that confidence and trust in what you have to offer before they’ll make any decision to buy from you.  However, don’t wait around waiting for existing clients, friends, colleagues and others to recommend you.  It’s unlikely that you’ll see many results from this passive approach.You need to start asking for referrals instead.  Don’t run a mile just yet!  It’s probably not as tricky as you think.

Who can you ask for referrals?

In a nutshell, it’s love and happiness that will bring you referrals.  Think:

  • Friends and family – people who love you
  • Happy customers – especially those who love the work you’ve just finished for them, or think your products are the best thing since sliced bread
  • People who know the people you can make happy by solving the problems and challenges they face

If people are happy with you and are happy that you have made them happy, or can make them happy, they are likely to help you spread the happiness!  Sorry, that’s a lot of ‘happys’.

Go ahead.  Make a list of everyone who you think would be great refer-ers of your business, get in touch and ask them to pass the good news on.

Who will you ask?

If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it with your friends, colleagues and others whom you feel would benefit <referral request ;o) >

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