Happy 5th November!  If you’re planning a spectacular fireworks night with friends and family, why not add some rocket power to your business as well?Join us all this week, when we’ll be sharing one quick fire action point a day to help put some more bang into your business!

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First up…Set your goalsCatherine Wheels are pretty, but you don’t want your business going round and round in circles – you’ll feel busy, but your business won’t be going anywhere.  You may feel disillusioned, your business may have plateaued and you may have lost your spark.

Now is the time to rocket for the moon and stars.  Decide the path your want your business to take, make sure you and your staff are on board to keep your plans heading in the right direction, light the blue touch paper and hang on!  Well, less of the hanging on…rather more of the controlled steering, the fireworks analogy was taking over…

So how do you set your goals, and what goals should you set?  It may be useful to consider:

  • the values you hold for your business
  • why you started your business
  • what you want your business to do for you
  • where you want your business to be
  • who is involved
  • what you define as success for your business

Make sure your goals are focused and realistic too by following the S.M.A.R.T. acronym:

  • Specific – define and focus your goals and state exactly what you want to achieve i.e. ‘increase sales by 5% in the next 3 months’ rather than ‘get more business’
  • Measurable – state numbers in your goals, it will help you review your progress as well as determine to what ends you are working
  • Attainable – be realistic. It’s great to be ambitious, but be aware of setting goals that are too far out of reach.
  • Relevant – think about the times in which you are working, consider trends, economic climate, target customers and so on
  • Time-based – set a timeframe in which you want to achieve your goals to focus your efforts further and to establish by when you want to see advancement

Can I make a plea and ask that you write your goals down?

Writing them down, even on a sticky note, will help to make them real.  Put the sticky somewhere where you can see it regularly will help to keep you on track and give you chance to review how you’re going along the way.  Keep your bright, shiny, new goals in your head and they can be squeezed out by the day to day running of your business activity and you’ll start that circling business again.

What goals are you going to set for your business?  Let us know!

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