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MicroBusiness Monday: celebrating the smallest of small businesses

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The Business Greenhouse is pleased to launch a new champion of the smallest of small businesses on Monday 26th March: ‘MicroBusiness Monday’.

MicroBusiness Monday is a chance for owners of the smallest of businesses (those that employ up to 10 people) to celebrate their achievements, to share the challenges they face, and to find support amongst their peers.

This is hugely important at a time when microbusinesses are generally feeling the pressure of a reduced demand for their products and services in this current economic climate. Yet, the government expects that they will play a significant role in helping to secure economic growth.

David Cameron called for people to start their own businesses and was heard to say at the launch of StartUp Britain last year:

“There is only one strategy for growth…make it easier for businesses to grow, to invest, to take people on.  Back small firms.  Boost enterprise.  Be on the side of everyone in this country who wants to create jobs, and wealth and opportunity.”

The recent budget was an opportunity to make it easier for small businesses to thrive and make greater contributions to the economy.  Critics argue that no great strides have been made, and a limited positive impact will be seen by microbusinesses.  Experience Entrepreneur and Director of Huddlebuy, Andy Yates, made some interesting observations at–Why-small-businesses-big-losers.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

The Business Greenhouse appreciates the apparent imbalance between the expectation and the support being offered to smaller businesses.  Around 95% of all UK businesses are microbusinesses so there’s huge potential for them to have a significant impact upon the economy.

However, ‘MicroBusiness Monday’ isn’t about politics.  It offers the opportunity for microbusiness owners to shout about their achievements, share experiences and find support amongst themselves as a group.

The first ‘MicroBusiness Monday’ takes place on Monday 26th March.  The event will take place on all following Mondays.

All microbusiness owners are invited to connect via the newly formed ‘MicroBusiness Monday’ group on LinkedIn where a networking meeting over a virtual coffee will take place from 11am, although members will be welcome to post their messages at other times too if they can’t make this time.

‘MicroBusiness Monday’ can also be followed on Twitter using #MicroBusinessMonday.

We do hope that you’ll join us.  Please do share news of this initiative and invite your microbusiness owner contacts along too.

We would be very interested to hear what you think about ‘MicroBusiness Monday’.  Do leave any feedback you have about this initiative below.

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