Our huge congratulations go to Relish Video Production, winners of our competition for a free half a day in The Business Greenhouse’s Hot House.  Relish Video Production will now benefit from their prize of up to 4 hours of our support to help them grow their business.

relishmainlogo-layer 1Relish Video Production joined numerous business owners in dropping their business card into our mini greenhouse when they stopped by our stand at the Women Outside the Box festival last month.  In entering the competition business owners expressed their ambitions to develop ideas they have for improving their business and their interest in securing practical help from The Business Greenhouse in order to realise their aspirations.  Good fortune prevailed for Relish – their card was randomly selected at the close of the event and they were delighted to accept their prize.


More about the ‘Hot House’

The Business Greenhouse’s ‘Hot House’ is designed to help business owners push forward on an idea they have for improving or developing their business.


How it works

Initially The Business Greenhouse meets with the business owner to discuss ideas or aspirations they have for their business and how they could be put into action.  The development of these plans are then scheduled and include regular meetings to ensure that the development activity stays on track or is adapted if required.  Each meeting is followed up with an action plan that will take the business owner through to the next meeting, and emailed reminders to help the project develop smoothly.

Due to the unique nature of The Business Greenhouse, we can also support this practically to help get the work done.


What happens now for Relish Video Production?

The Business Greenhouse meet the ambitious Relish business partners for the second time this week.  We’re really looking forward to finding out more about their business and where they have set their sights for it, and helping them move closer to realising their ambitions.

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