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How many times should you introduce a new customer to a product or service before they buy?

Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

It’s happened again.  During a discussion today about how to increase their sales, someone effectively said, ‘But I sent them an email after we met and I heard nothing from them.  They’re not interested in what I have to offer them.’

This is a popular misconception.

It should be anticipated that potential clients and customers have to go through a process of getting to know you and your business, and developing trust and confidence in what you’re offering them, before they’ll even consider buying your product or service.

Therefore, one meeting/discussion and a follow up email or other communication is not likely to secure a sale.

Some say that you have to make contact with your potential client or customer 7-9 times before they’ll buy from you.

I liken it to weaning a baby.  Generally speaking, you give a baby a taste of a new food and if he or she spits it out or just takes a little, you wait until another day to try again.  It may take a countless number of times of introducing a baby to a new food before they willingly take it (as a point of interest I once read it can take 17 times of trying the baby with a new food before they take it).  The important thing is, you don’t give up or assume they don’t like something because they’ve not taken it after the first few attempts.

I won’t say it’s the same with potential customers or clients, or even existing customers or clients that you want to introduce to a new product or service, but a similarity can be drawn.

Think about:

1.  How you can give your customers or clients tastes of what you offer, how you can encourage them to get to know you and your business better

2.  How you can offer these tastes regularly or in a consistent manner – ideally you don’t want to leave large chunks of time between each contact made as they’ll forget what it is they might need from you in the first place!

3.  And not giving up after the first few attempts.  They may be ready to buy from you on your next try.


Good luck!  How will you offer your customers and clients tasters of what they can get from you?  Let us know how you get on.


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