Our relationship with Burnham Cycle Hire and Leisure began when the company Director wanted to secure a contract to set up an operational base on an alternative site.

Wanting to present a professional image at the pitch, BCHL invited The Business Greenhouse Director, Lynda, to the meeting as their Business Development Manager. We prepared and delivered a presentation about BCHL and what they hoped to achieve on the site. On behalf of BCHL we addressed the site owners’ concerns about the hiring out of certain equipment, ensuring that BCHL had a better chance of maximising their profit on the site, and helped to secure the contract. The agreement between BCHL and the site continues to this day.

BCHL’s Director came to The Business Greenhouse again when an opportunity arose to grow their business through running an additional concession.  Wanting to ensure the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) was completed to a high standard, and with other commitments competing for his time, BCHL’s Director asked The Business Greenhouse to help.  We gathered together the required data, completed and submitted the PQQ and won BCHL the right to tender for the concession.

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