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Is this 10,000 Easter Eggs worth of inspiration for your business?

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Easter Egg Tree man Volker Kraft

Easter Egg Tree man Volker Kraft

I love this!  Every year, Volker Kraft and his wife hang over 10,000 decorated eggs, most of which appear to have been made and decorated by Mrs Kraft and their daughter, on their tree simply so people can come and admire them.

Despite the snow and cold weather 76 year old Volker and his wife have braved the conditions and spent the past week hanging the eggs on their apple tree.  They didn’t know if they’d finish the job in time, but they persevered and now they’re ready to throw their garden gate open to potentially more than 15,000 visitors. Some visitors bring more eggs, including one featuring London Bridge and one signed by Bill and Hilary Clinton given to them by an American visitor.

Volker and his wife clearly delight in their tradition and are motivated by the sparkle they see in the eyes of their visitors.  Preferring that anyone who wishes to can come and see their Easter tree so they don’t charge for viewing.  For those that would like a momento, postcards, brochures and decorated eggs are available for sale.

Does their attitude and accomplishment inspire you as it did me?  Will it help you to:

  • Keep your focus on what is motivating you, or what your goal is, the next time you have what seems like an impossible amount of work ahead that you’re worried is not going to get done in time?
  • Identify new opportunities to attract people’s interest in what you do?
  • Find new ways of engaging your target audience in your products or services and making new sales?

Has the story sparked any eggs-citing ideas for you?  Do post a comment and let us know!


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