We devised and delivered an energetic and insightful marketing workshop for Regen SW that would help their members to win more business.

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We were thrilled to be commissioned by the independent and not-for-profit Regen SW to design and deliver this workshop. Our central task was to help energy efficiency businesses working in the retrofit market to get a better return on their investment and efforts put in to marketing their businesses.

Hosted at the beautiful and inspiring Folly Farm, in Pensford near Bristol, the room was filled with a diverse range of people from architects to tradespeople. They were Regen SW members who had travelled from around the south-west of England to take part in our bespoke marketing workshop.

The aim of our day-long event was not only to share key principles of marketing their businesses effectively, but also for the delegates to come away with a profitable marketing strategy for their business.

We achieved this through mixing:

  • the challenge of reviewing and defining their existing and profitable target audience(s)
  • unpicking real-life case studies of the marketing efforts of businesses working in the energy efficiency market
  • facilitating group sessions where they were able to share best practice and learn from the experience of others
  • imparting essential knowledge about key marketing tools and skills

Each delegate took back to their business an actionable marketing strategy that captured:

  • the objectives they had defined for their business’ marketing strategy
  • who their primary target audience is and where to find them
  • the marketing messages they needed to use in order to engage their target audience
  • which marketing tools were likely to give them the best return on their investment
  • how to utilise favoured marketing tools
  • how to plan and schedule the implementation of their marketing strategy

It was an interactive day of learning, discussion and planning.

Following the workshop, we received a personal letter from Merlin Hyman, Chief Executive of Regen SW which read:

” Thank you for your valuable contribution in speaking at the Making a Profit from Marketing: Ready for Retrofit marketing workshop…Your valuable years of knowledge made for a very upbeat and inspiring presentation…We felt that the day was a great success and we enjoyed hearing so much positive feedback from delegates. Without a doubt, attendees found this session really valuable offering them a chance to learn from an expert and to network with fellow industry insiders.”

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