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Cyber Monday: how local retailers can make the most of it

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Today is ‘Cyber Monday’ – the day on which it is expected that online festive sales will soar.  John Lewis is expecting 80,000 orders with sales peaking around 8-9pm, Amazon says sales will be busiest around 6pm, but how can small independent retailers get a piece of the pie?

So, what is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is effectively the online only version of Black Friday, an event we saw much more of in the UK this year.  Since its inception, online spending on this day has experienced an upsurge with many online retailers choosing to offer discounts and incentives to encourage consumers to buy on Cyber Monday.

How can small independent retailers get the most out of Cyber Monday?

Given that it is Cyber Monday, let’s assume that any longer term preparation work has been done (you’ve identified the best deal(s) and incentives to offer your customers, you have enough stock to cope with demand, and you’ve been preparing your customers for the upcoming opportunity to bag a bargain).

So now some of the key things to consider are:

  • Make sure your Cyber Monday offer is clearly visible on your website
  • Email your customers to remind them of your participation in Cyber Monday and what kinds of deals you’re offering, perhaps adding a special coupon or code that those customers can redeem on your website
  • Add #cybermonday to your Tweets and Facebook posts to promote your participation and lead people to your Cyber Monday deals
  • If you have a physical shop, as well as an online one, consider offering ‘click and collect’ so people can order their bargain online, but collect in-store – this way you’ll get your locally-based customers into your shop (another chance to draw their eye to other products you sell and encourage them to purchase more from you)

Another thing to think about include the fact that the internet is a fierce playground where shopping is concerned.  Retailers can use ads to entice consumers away from the competition.  More and more people are browsing the web and making purchases using their mobile phone so websites that are easily navigable are potentially more likely to be attractive to consumers.  

So take care of those customers who choose to shop with you on this Cyber Monday and every other day as you have won their business over the opportunities offered elsewhere.  Thank them for their purchases and look then at building a long term relationship with them where they will be encouraged to be loyal to you.  Cyber Monday isn’t just an opportunity to boost sales today, but in the long term.

We’d love to hear how you and your business have been making the most of Cyber Monday, and what worked well for you.  Please feel free to post your comments and ideas below.


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