How to do social mediaOur 9 tips on ‘How to do social media’ were collated following an invitation from UKTI’s Worldwide Women Network to share our thoughts on how businesses can get the most out of social media.

With many members of this exclusive network for South West-based female entrepreneurs already using social media platforms in support of marketing their businesses, we took a very broad brushed approach and through our 9 ‘How to ‘do’ social media’ tips focused on:

1. The groundwork – the things you ‘must do’ in social media in order to make it work

2. What makes social media flourish – the magic ingredients needed to bring social media alive

3. Making sure that what you do, works for you.

Hopefully, there’s a good mix of real-life case studies and own-grown experience that viewers of our presentation can use to benefit their businesses. However, it is essentially a slide presentation so it doesn’t include copious amounts of information. Should it prompt any questions or a need for more info, please do get in touch. We’d be very happy to hear from you.

Find our ‘How to ‘do’ social media’ presentation here:

‘How to ‘do’ social media’ in a nutshell

For those that prefer a written outline of the presentation we gave, the bare bones are:

1. Have a strategy!

Obvious maybe, but as social media allows details to be shared instantaneously actually planning social media messages, and how you can maximise the positive impact on your business, can get overlooked. We’ve added a bonus 5 things that should really be considered when putting together a social media strategy that will work.

2. Choose platforms that will work for you

With so many social media platforms from which to choose, the right one(s) for your business will one on which your target customers or clients are present, but also one that you can make work.

3. Share stuff awesomely

The internet is an incredibly busy place so messages you put out have to stand out. Using a balanced mix of ‘wow-factor’ content, timing the distribution of your messages, and considering writing or sharing content for your ‘audience’s audience will help.

Regarding the timing issue, avoiding peak internet traffic times and posting messages when your audience is most likely to look at them are both logical. There’s a lot of research out there that suggests best times to post your messages, but check that it correlates to the country in which your target audience are based, and that it’s been written up recently – area and whether the data is current may affect your results. That said, trial and error might yield better results for your specific case.

4. Action!

i.e. actually doing something with your social media accounts. Social media accounts that have not been used recently make it look like the business is no longer operational, or that you just don’t care about the idea of interacting with people who might be interested in you and your business.

5. Link, link, link

Inform your customers or clients that you actively use social media and encourage them to engage with you on these platforms. This can be done by linking your chosen platform(s) from icons on your website to your social media accounts, using social media icons on display banners, email signatures and more. Don’t go too crazy and start linking social media accounts to other social media accounts, however. This comes across as lazy, but also audiences on each social media platform you use may appreciate or need different types of information to keep them interested in your business.

6. Tell people what you want them to do

Include call to actions that invite people to do something. Twitter conducted a survey recently about what works best for a selected number of their promoted account holders – we’ve included their top 4 tips in this section of the presentation.

7. Seize the moment

Great planning cannot be emphasised enough, but sometimes opportunities come along that just cannot be wasted. Take a look at these two case studies. They show two businesses that grasped a moment with both hands and turned them to their advantage.

8. Stories rock

If you can connect with your target audience on an emotional level, you’ve really cracked social media. Stories are a great way to do this and this case study demonstrates it perfectly. Have a look at Westjet’s Christmas Miracle 2013 video too for another example of connecting emotionally – as a result, it got over 35 million views.

9. It’s a choice

Controversially, maybe, we suggest that social media is a choice. If you can’t make it work for your business, but want to perhaps because it’s beneficial to your customers and your business, you can seek advice and support from those that can help. Plus consider that social media isn’t the only way of marketing to your customers and clients – other ways still work!


Thank you to Hilary Green, International Trade Adviser at UK Trade and Investment South West for inviting me to talk to the Bristol Worldwide Women Network. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning!


Have you got any top tips to add of your own? Please do leave a comment in the box below. We’d love to hear what’s worked for you.


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