Marketing and business development of your business. Done.

I bet it’s there. The one incredible marketing or business development idea that, brought to life, will make your business bigger, better or different. If it’s time that’s stopping you putting it into action, then let us do some or all of the spade work for you!


Marketing and business development for your business

This is for when the ambitions you have for your business just aren’t being realised.  They could be big, they could be small.  The important thing is that if they’re to do with getting new clients, raising your profile, or finding new business development or collaboration opportunities, then The Business Greenhouse can help!

We’ll kick our marketing and business development experience in to action.  Roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, working beside you.  We’ll help you to move your business onwards and upwards.

This is practical, hands on, help we’re offering.  We’ll write stuff, plan stuff, make those calls, sit in on meetings with you as your business’ representative.  Generally, it’s about helping you make stuff happen for your business.


The Business Greenhouse willl do the spade work when it comes to the marketing and business development of your business.


What can The Business Greenhouse do for you? 

The type of work we do for our clients includes:

  • Develop marketing strategies so that they target profitable customers and clients with the right messages, using the right marketing techniques
  • Write copy for websites, blogs, social media, e-newsletters, leaflets and other promotional and conversational material
  • Plan new website structure to enhance their customers’ journey and experience of purchasing their services or products
  • Write media releases and liaising with the media
  • Identify routes to market for new products and services
  • Seek potential collaborators and partners and make first contact with them
  • Attend meetings as their business representative to support negotiations, explore partnerships, and agree business transactions
  • Plan and run events such as workshops, exhibition stands, and other business development and marketing campaigns
  • Liaise with staff across the business and external agencies to agree and deliver marketing and business development projects
  • Identify opportunities for revenue generation including service development, packaging of offer, pricing and so on
  • Identify and implement measures that will increase productivity, retain and attract clients, and increase the number or scale of sales
  • Run staff training and development sessions
  • Write briefs, bids or proposals
  • Liaise with staff, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders, encouraging a community around the business
  • Network on behalf of the business


What are you waiting for?

The spade is oiled, the compost is on standby, wellies are well worn in.  We’re ready to start helping you to cultivate your business. Whether it’s a quick injection of support you need, a longer partnership, or you’re not sure yet, give us a call or drop us an email.

Let’s get the help your business needs today!