It’s you and your business needs, plans, and ideas that matter here at The Business Greenhouse.

It’s why The Business Greenhouse was cultivated.  It started with friends and family bringing the ambitions they had for their businesses to our Founder, Lynda.  Often the plans and ideas had been harboured for months and even years, but lack of time, confidence or know-how had prevented them from coming to fruition.

Lynda applied her working knowledge of business development, project management, marketing and communications to help her friends and family realise their business goals.  She rolled up her sleeves, used a lot of elbow grease and worked with them until their goals had been reached.

Her friends and family smiled big smiles, told other people, then friends of friends and family started asking Lynda for her help with their business plans and ambitions.

It was time to create something bigger and better so more businesses could benefit from the practical, hands on help that gets the work done.  The Business Greenhouse was born!

Lynda found people who are just as passionate about supporting sole traders, and micro and small business owners, just as focused on providing practical help rather than just coaching or advice, and who are experts in their own business fields.  Then brought us together under the umbrella of The Business Greenhouse so we can combine and tailor our expertise and skills for your benefit.

Read ‘Our Stake in the Ground’.